Create a Personal VPops
You can choose a special theme vpeeps and create a personal message to family and friends.
  1. Choose Personal VPops from the main menu.
  2. Choose a special theme Personal VPops (video) and create a message to family and friends.
  3. Choose a font style and color to enter in your Personal VPops (video). You may type upto 25 characters inside.
  4. You may shoot a video up to 20 secs or just press skip and send your Personal VPops (video).
  5. You can write a message and press create.
  6. If you want to add or record background music then press yes.
  7. You can add or record your own background music from here.
  8. From here you can record your own music.
  9. You can play your Personal VPops (video) now.
  10. Share with family and friends.